ActiveMen Capsule 60Caps

Daily Revital for Men

Deltas ACTIVE MEN CAPSULE is a blend of powerful herbal ingredients that are designed to naturally promote general well-being and vitality for men. This formulation offers nutrients that help in nourishment and support a balanced masculine performance during intimacy. It is a potent combination that contains adaptogens such as Safed musli (A. adcendens) and Ashwagandha (W. somnifera) that enhance dopamine levels in the brain and inhibit the expression of proinflammatory cytokines. They therefore stimulate desire, prevent and manage stress, thus improving libido. Ashwagandha increases the levels of testosterone to increase the masculine power and endurance to stress. It offers a perfect balanced supplementation for men to improve their overall physical health and enhance their overall strength, stamina and endurance for an improved experience of intimacy.