Gynocare Syrup 200ml

Blend Of Natural & Herbal Uterine Tonic

As per the uniqueness of a women’s body & rules established by nature, women are prone to developing health issues especially during & after the specific days of the month. Many women report to silently suffer from cramps, backaches, lethargy, fatigue & pains. Use of synthetic relievers often lead to irregularity, gastric irritation & other side effects. As age increases, again as per the rules of nature - many women have to endure similar experiences as a part of natural ageing process of the female physiological activities. Deltas GYNOCARE syrup offers the promise of providing support to women to deal with the various health problems during their specific days of natural cycles. GYNOCARE provides optimal relief in gynecological problems reducing the symptoms associated with natural cycle. Herbs present in GYNOCARE are restorative for endometrial linings of the uterus, affect endogenous hormonal secretion, correct the cyclical rhythm & relieve the symptoms of heavy bleeding. It also acts as a hematinic & anti-oxidant to provide nourishment to tissues & tone up the skin, purify the blood & provide strength & improve stamina.