Sanjeevani Joddaram Oil 75ml

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Whether it is a temporary twitch in the muscle, a sudden resurfacing of an old injury or that post-workout agony - any musculoskeletal pain (such as sprain, pull etc) or pain in any joint can literally bring life to a standstill. Experts agree that most musculoskeletal pain can go away with adequate rest & immobilization, but not everyone today has the luxury of a long rest. There is a need for an effective remedy that offers quick pain relief - so as to enable continuation of day to day activities - and ensure that minor muscular pains do not stop us or deteriorate our quality of life. Deltas JODDARAM OIL is a unique blend of natural essential oils & processed herbs that provides a soothing relief from muscular & joint pains. The unique blend of herbs also acts on old stiffness & helps relaxing the muscles. It has the goodness of pure organic oils that provide quick relief from backaches, muscular sprains & joint pain. Enriched with V. negundo, R. communis, B. serrata, P. acerifolium etc it alleviates swelling, sprains & muscle and joint inflammation. With a base of purely extracted oils of 10 different components, the entire formulation offers quick relief in all kinds of musculo-skeletal pain & reduces inflammation. It provides excellent emollient action & smoothens the skin preventing cracks & dryness.