Kesh Nikhar Anti Dandruff Hair Toner 200ml

Blend Of Anti-Microbial Herbs Processed In Oil

Great hair is the ‘crowning glory’ of beauty. While we go to great lengths to maintain the shine and smoothness of our hair, there are conditions that can put brakes to managing a great hair. Dandruff is one such medical problem that has managed to unite over half the adult population across the world - beyond gender, age and race.

Deltas Kesh Nikhar Anti Dandruff Hair Toner is a unique frequent-use formula that fights dandruff while providing extra detangling benefits for soft, healthy-looking hair. It is developed based on dermatologists' recommended formula that is equipped with essential oils to relieve itching and flaking caused by dandruff. It contains essential oils of Sesame, Lemon fruit peel and Tea tree that provide anti-fungal activity against Malassezia to protect against flaking of the skin and reduce the itching. Vitamin-E and Aloe provide optimal moisturization to the skin of the scalp and to the hair filaments - ensuring a soft supple look. Brahmi (C. asiatica) , Jatamansi (N. jatamansi), Bhringraja (E. alba), Henna (L alba) and Japakusum (H. sabdariffa) not only nourish the hair and scalp, but also protect the natural color and delay whitening of hair that is often due to stress or other environmental cause. With Deltas Kesh Nikhar Anti Dandruff Hair Toner, one can get effective, fast-acting dandruff relief that leaves hair soft, manageable and healthy-looking.

Directions to use: It can be applied to the hair root, scalp and to the length of hair every day or as required.