Knightmax Ras 500ml

Phytosomes With Essential Aphrodisiac Herbs

Today, men and women in the reproductive age group have increasingly shown signs of having a low libido. As sexual health is an important biological entity in human, this phenomenon further leads to increase in many physical or other psychological issues. Libido is associated with a good diet, holistic health and stress free mind. Many couples may not suffer from poor libido but find dissatisfaction in their sex lives. Often, the ability of either partner to perform and endurance may lead to the issue. Our poor diet and stressful lifestyle causes a deprivation of adequate healthy food consumption thus contribute to poor nutrition leading to weakness, poor energy, a weak immune system and therefore accelerated aging.

Deltas KNIGHTMAX ras is a blend of powerful herbal ingredients that are designed to naturally support stamina, increase strength and build endurance. It is a potent combination that contains M. pruriens, T. terrestris and A. racemosus that are found to increase androgen levels. This helps increase the power and provide strength to the muscle tissues. H. Spinosa, A. indicum and S. veronicaefolia act as natural energizers and improve endurance to stress. They nourish the body and offer high levels of nutrition for both males and females. All the ingredients offer excellent anti-oxidant properties - thus reversing tissue damage and improving overall blood circulation in the body.