Amrrut Pancha Tulasi Drops 15ml

Enhances Immunity through five types of basil

Modern day lifestyle, pollutants, climatic adversity and adulteration leads to imbalance in immunity and resulting in various endogenous and stress related disease and also  exogenous (i.e. viral, bacterial, fungal, nutrition related) diseases. Need of the hour is an effective option that not only provides improved immunity but also offers microbial protection.

DELTAS PANCHA TULASI Drops, a clinically tested formula is prepared from the distillate of 5 species of Tulasi mixed together. Based on the Good Agricultural Practices, the stringent collection and sourcing of Tulasi, Rama Tulasi, Vana Tulasi, Sweta Tulasi and Nimbuka Tulasi is accomplished by Deltas Pharma under a stringent quality control systems. These leaves are processed in a unique way to produce Pancha Tulasi Drops. Pancha Tulasi Drops can be used in all age group above 2 years; and it enhances the immunity; acts as adjuvant in management of viral flu, cough & cold, toothache, bad breath, chronic illness, long term antibiotic treatment, skin ailments etc.; regular use prevents oxidative stress of free radical origin of the body and reduces the wear and tear process.