Prostawon Capsule 60Caps

Healthy prostate function and natural urinary control

Among the various health disorders associated with men, prostate complaints are very common. Ignoring the prostate health can cause unpleasant and inconvenient urges to urinate and significant frequent trips to the bathroom at night.Prostate is a small gland located below the urinary bladder in men that contributes a major role in maintaining the fertility of men. Any anatomical changes in the prostate gland can cause disturbed functioning of urination since it surrounds the urinary path in men.Prostate disorders cause disturbances in the urination like frequent urination, burning sensation while urinating, changed colour of urine.Prostawon capsule maintains prostate health and improves quality of life. Prostawon capsule is a herbal formulation of saw palmetto, purified shilajeet, neem, gokshur and many other medicinal herbs having potent action on the urinary system. It manages prostate disorders by re-establishing the normal urinary flow, normal urinary frequency and proper bladder emptying.Prostawon capsule reduces frequent urination and controls frequent bathroom trips. It regulates emptying of urinary bladder and promotes normal size of prostate.

Keypoints of Prostawon capsule :

          -Unique and comprehensive blend of natural herbs and purified shilajeet

          -Promotes healthy functioning of prostate

          -Quick-action formula

Indication : Supports healthy prostate function.

Recommended Usage : 1 capsule twice daily, or as directed by the physician.