Psorino Cream 100gms

Polyherbal Cream For Reducing Irritation And Skin Plaques

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder in which there are periodic flare-ups of sharply defined red patches, covered by a silvery, flaky surface. Up to 3-5% of the population suffers from psoriasis of one type or another. The main disease activity leading to psoriasis occurs in the epidermis, the top five layers of the skin. Plaque type of psoriasis - that causes plaque or patches on the skin is the commonest type of psoriasis. The commonest discomfort faced by a person with psoriasis is the development of patches that often cause itching and pain apart from being a social hindrance. Many patients with psoriasis, do not respond to over-the-counter remedies and lifestyle changes, and require aggressive treatments. In some cases, such treatments need to be lifelong. Deltas PSORINO cream is a polyherbal cream formulated from the choicest and well studied herbs in the external management of psoriasis. It normalizes skin turnover, improves blood flow in the epidermis, provides immuno-modulation and thereby reduces plaque formation.