Turmeric Multipurpose Cream 50gms

Comprehensive Multipurpose Cream For Entire Family

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body. Our skin deals with the stressful happenings of daily life. We live in a world filled with substances which can be irritating to our skin, and we come in contact with many of these irritating substances every day during work hours, hectic travels, at home etc. These factors can cause prickly heat, skin allergies, eczema etc. Skin infections by fungi (ringworm, athlete's foot, etc.), bacteria, or parasites are also very common problems and often have the symptoms like skin irritation, eczema, inflammation and redness. Most of the times, children and adults in family are more alike to face minor cuts, injuries and bruises quite often.

Deltas Turmeric Multipurpose cream is made from a combination of herbs known for their antiseptic and soothing properties, which provide long lasting skin protection for the entire family. It also soothes sore skin, protects and helps maintain general skin condition. It is completely free from synthetic chemicals, dyes and harmful synthetic fragrances and can be used by entire family for treating all types of skin ailments.