Uraoz Cream 30gms

Polyherbal Care For Sagging, Providing Firmness

Good healthy breasts are signs of youth, virility and fertility. While women have breasts of different sizes and shapes, those with adequate firmness and shape are not only considered to be healthier but also superior in terms of natural rules of selection. Women with bigger and healthier breasts are considered to be more attractive and appealing to the opposite gender. The size of a woman’s breasts is determined by a number of factors. These factors include genetics, hormones and past medical history. Good diet, appropriate exercises and proper micro nutrition and tissue support improves improper health.

Additionally, across all ages of women, adequate caring for breasts can prevent sagging with age and maintain the firmness thereby increasing physical appeal and improving the overall confidence and personality. DELTA’s URAOZ Cream is a specifically formulated herbal cream that help reduce sagging of breasts and improve the firmness and contour of the breasts. Being completely herbal, it is safe and devoid of any ill effects on the skin tissue and has no risk of any hormone dissolution into the breast tissue.