V Hygeine Wash 100ml

Feminine Cleanser For Natural Freshness & Hygiene

The uniqueness of a woman’s body also make her susceptible to many ill effects. Notable amongst them are the higher incidence of having a urinary tract infection and problems related to hygiene of her private intimate parts (such as fungal infections causing itching and discharge etc). Traditionally available soaps and washes are not the right fit as they often contain harsh chemicals and scents that can alter the pH of a woman’s cells.

Deltas V Hygiene Wash is specifically formulated herbal female intimate wash solution that helps in maintaining a natural pH in the vaginal lining and reduces chances of microbial infections. Thus, it promotes health and ensures moisturization of the area. It is specially formulated with active plant based ingredients that are purely natural and cleanse the tissues. The product contains herbal extracts like that of A. indica which is a potent anti microbial and astringent. Aloe vera smoothens the local skin reducing irritation and maintaining freshness.

C. medica provides healing properties and reduces foul odor. The entire formulation is based on a pH base that is as close to the natural pH of the genital area thereby providing protection and cleansing of the area.