Vatsal Baby Diaper Rash Cream 50gms

Gentle Healing For Skin

Deltas Vatsal Diaper rash cream is a therapeutic blend of medicinal herbs to soothe and heal irritated skin and rashes. This cream is made with natural products like Aloe vera and almond oil which not only treats/heals the rashes but also soothes and nourishes the skin. It does not block the skin pores, thus allows natural breathing of the skin. Collectively the entire formulation ensures nourishment and moisturization of skin without making it greasy.

It is completely free from harmful synthetic chemicals such as steroids, parabens, synthetic preservatives and fragrances. Thus, does not cause any side effects on long-term use.

Directions for use : Apply Diaper Rash Cream on rashes and around the area where the diaper's edges rub against baby's skin.