Be-Fair Cream 50gms

Phytoactive Nurturing Complexion And Radiance For Men

While beauty has always been related to women, men today are not far behind in grooming themselves to look presentable and smart. Nature has gifted Indians with a skin tone that is neither too fair nor too dark; but due to the pollution, hot tropical climate, sun exposure and high humidity in many areas, our skin tends to lose luster and appear dull and faded. Added to this men are more likely to work or spend longer portions of the day in the sun/outdoor which makes them more susceptible to harmful, aging effects making their skin dull and tanned. While there are many over the counter options claiming to help with a healthy glowing skin, but use of these chemical based options can cause hindrance to skin care & can be harmful for skin in the long run. As man’s skin is tougher and more robust than woman’s therefore requiring a different approach towards skin care is necessary.

Usage : After washing face, take a small quantity of cream on your hand and dab all over the face. Continue to massage in circular motion until absorbed. It can also be applied post shaving for soft and supple look.