Agefyte Gold Cleansing Milk
Item Code: 3046100 gms

Unclog pores and enhance skin radiance

Agefyte Gold Cream
Item Code: 304550 gms

Improves radiance and youthfulness

Agefyte Gold Youth Serum
Item Code: 304030 ml

Instant glow and revival from aging

Agefyte Gold Revive Mist
Item Code: 3041100 ml

Restores and refreshes skin

Agefyte Gold Powder Mask
Item Code: 3043100 gms

Lightens skin and gives natural glow

Agefyte A Charcoal Mask
Item Code: 3044100 gms

Natural daily care for blackheads and dead skin

New Arrival
Agefyte Gold Face Scrub
Item Code: 3047100 gms

Gentle exfoliation and brightening

New Arrival
Agefyte Detox Green Peel off Mask
Item Code: 305350 gms

Skin purifying natural peel off with chlorophyll

Agefyte A Gold Peel Off Mask
Item Code: 304850 gms

Purifies pores and illuminates skin

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Agefyte Sunscreen Butter
Item Code: 305150 gms

Broad spectrum suncare with intense hydration

Agefyte Night Cream
Item Code: 305250 gms

Intense moisture balancing and repair

Agefyte Gold Facial Kit
Item Code: 90001 Combi Pack

Pamper your Youth with professional touch

New Arrival
Agefyte Fresh Under Eye Cream
Item Code: 306520 gms

Formula For Soothing And Regulating Blood Circulation Around Eyes

Agefyte Whitening Mask
Item Code: 3042100 gms

Ageless Natural Luminance with plant peptides

New Arrival
Agfyte Brightening Bio Serum
Item Code: 305530 ml

High performance brightening and anti aging serum

New Arrival
Agefyte Brightening Peel Off Mask
Item Code: 305050 gms

Resurfacing & glowing with natural AHAs

New Arrival
Agfyte Brightening Bio toner
Item Code: 305650 gms

Even tones skin, detoxify pores and reduce dark spot

New Arrival
Agefyte Brightening Cleansing Foam
Item Code: 305450 ml

Deep skin cleansing with instant luminosity

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New Arrival
Agefyte Brightening Cream
Item Code: 304950 gms

Kumkumadi oil Tetrahydroxy Curcumin Ascorbic Acid Astaxanthin Resveratrol

New Arrival
Agfyte Brightening Kit
Item Code: 30621 Combi Pack

Brightening solution for dull, dry and hyperpigmented skin

New Arrival
Agefyte Anti Acne Face Cream
Item Code: 306830 gms

New Arrival
Agefyte spot free cream
Item Code: 306930 gms

Natural Formula For Dark Spots, Age Related Melasma And Pigmentation