3017 - Moisturising Lotion 100ml

A Skin-Renewing Moisturiser For A Long-Lasting Glow And Continuous Hydration

Reduces skin dryness
Reduces water loss
Maintenance of glow of skin, acne,  hyperpigmented patches of skin,  scars, winter care

Usage: After cleaning face & body, apply lotion on your face and body. Massage in a circular motion.

Composition: Each 10ml MOISTURISING LOTION is prepared by the following ingredients: Ghritkumari (Aloe vera) Leaves’ Pulp Liquid Extract 1%, Godhum (Triticum sativum) (Wheat germ) Oil 0.2%, Olive (Olea europea) Fruit Oil 0.2%, Base material with permitted excipients & preservatives q.s.

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