Squizee Cream 30gms

Polyherbal Intimacy Enhancement Cream

As a women’s body ages, its effects are seen not only on the skin and other parts of the body but also in the genitals. Over a period of time with multiple factors such as natural aging, excessive sexual indulgence, hormonal imbalance etc there are many changes in the female body. One such change that is increasingly being elaborated by women > 45 years of age, is the loosening of vaginal muscles leading to lesser pleasure from intimacy. This is known to affect both partners psychologically and can create problems in relationships.

Deltas Squize Cream is a specifically formulated herbal female intimate gel that helps in maintaining the tone and strength of the vaginal muscles. Additionally it also improves blood circulation in the genital area thereby improving sensation and extending arousal. It is specially formulated with active plant based ingredients that are purely natural. The product contains herbal extracts like that of S. racemosa, R. cordifolia and F. religiosa all of which improve blood count, increase blood circulation and thus provide longer arousal time. B. species, A. arabica and M. fragrans help maintain a natural pH in the genital area thereby avoiding infections and protection from microbial colonization. These also help reduce any foul odor again leading to a pleasurable experience during intimacy. E. officinalis and Z. jujuba are potent antioxidants that maintain cell health and avoid cellular aging. A fruit base of the gel makes it completely safe, ensures no irritation in the local mucosa and no toxic effects even if ingested accidently.