Face Nikhar Spot Free Cream 30gms

Natural Formula For Dark Spots, Age Related Melasma And Pigmentation

Blemishes refer to dark marks or skin discoloration generally caused due to acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. They can also be attributed to factors like poor diet, overexposure to the UV rays, improper skin care, aging, hormonal imbalance and genetics. The unsightly blemishes are most common on the face, neck, shoulders and back but generally can appear anywhere on the body.

Deltas Face nikhar Spot Free Cream is a purely herbal preparation that is devoid of any synthetic components that can harm the skin. It contains plant based phytoactives that are essential for lightening the black spots, blemishes and scars. It exfoliates the superficial dead cells and revitalizes the skin by improved turnover of healthy epidermal cells. It not only helps to lighten the spots and blemishes, but also nourishes, replenishes and re-energizes the skin to improve the overall health and radiance of the skin. Collectively the entire formulation brightens the skin and evens out skin tone by effectively dealing with dark spots, blemishes, age related melasma and pigmentation while restoring glow. Furthermore this natural formulation boosts skin health by catering to its well-being and is safe to be used for long term without any side effects.

Drection : After washing face, apply a thick layer of spot free cream on dark spots rigorously with massage and a thin layer on rest of skin. Wash after 30 minutes of application.